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Lock And Security Upgrades To Include On Your 2023 New Years Resolution List

Dec 24, 2022

2023 is at the front door and we hope that you had a blast during the Christmas celebrations. We also hope that there had been no security incidents at your home or business while all of these festivities have been going on.
And if you did have a security threat or simply feel a little bit uneasy then it might be time to do a couple of security upgrades. Right now you might be penning down a couple of goals you might have for this year and we do believe that it is good to include at least a couple of security upgrades on your new year’s resolution list each year.
Let’s take a look at some of the best security improvements to add to this year’s list of goals you want to accomplish.

Get Deadbolt Locks For Each Entry Door

Deadbolt locks are much more efficient compared to other types of door locks and are a must for every door that exits your home or building. The most efficient deadbolt locks are the ones that feature a throw lock – a one-inch metal extension that bolts into the door frame. Deadbolt locks are a must because they are much more challenging to pick and a lot more difficult for intruders to break down.

Solid Wood Exterior Doors

Hollow core wooden doors are quite affordable and they can look very stylish but these doors are only suitable for interior use. For your home’s exterior, it is always best to get solid hardwood doors. Solid wood doors are very difficult to break down and will offer a lot more protection. We also recommend you steer clear of solid wood doors that have windows. Those windows do look fine but the windows can be smashed in and those windows compromise the overall strength of the door. If you have the funds then you can also consider a steel door. These are even tougher than solid wood doors but they can be loud and expensive.

Update Old Door Frames

Most people only focus on the door itself when they are enhancing their home security but you should also have a look at the door frame. If the door frame is all worn down or if the wood is starting to rot away then it can be easy to pry open the door no matter how tough your door lock might be. Take some time to inspect all the door frames that lead out of your home and get weak frames replaced as soon as you can.

Install Window Locks

Window locks are a good option for window types that don’t close securely enough. Professional locksmithing companies will enhance the strength of these locks even more by pouring a little bit of liquefy or solder on the lock head. This makes it more difficult to unscrew the lock and ensures that burglars stay outside where they belong.

Get Glass Break Detectors

While you are installing new window locks, you might want to consider a couple of glass break detectors. These devices are designed to pick up the sound of breaking glass and will let you know if a window is breaking. They are specially developed to only react when the distinctive sound of breaking glass sounds are detected and won’t alarm you for natural home noises.

If you want to get these security upgrades then you should give Smith Lock a call. These specialists can advise you on all the latest and best home security systems and they can assist you with any lock issue you might have. With their help, you can be more at ease because no one will be bothering you this year. our service includes lost car keys melbourne, replacement car keys melbourne.