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Lock And Keep Your Home Secure With These Locksmithing Tips

Oct 15, 2022

Your home itself is a pretty expensive investment and we are certain that there are lots of other expensive items found inside that you would prefer behind lock and key. Robberies can happen at the most unexpected times and these thefts can have devastating results for those who spend years paying off home accessories like TV sets, mobile phones, laptops, and other valuables.
If you want to avoid the risk of a break-in and prefer to keep all of your belongings safe and sound then you can consider the following security tips that skilled locksmiths swear by.

Replace All Locks When Moving In

It is always a good idea to install new locks in any new home. You never know how many sets of keys a previous occupant might have had. The thought of previous owners getting into your home is just eerie. As a rule of thumb, you should always replace the locks on all exterior doors.

Install Quality Locks

Old and standard door locks are pretty easy to pick. Criminals can get in with simple tools like a simple screwdriver with some of these older lock types. A great way to increase your home security without spending a fortune is by installing more advanced locks on all exterior doors.

Make Use Of Deadbolts

Deadbolts might be old-fashioned but they are extremely effective. It is a good idea to have deadbolts installed on the inside of all of your exterior doors. If someone does happen to pick the exterior lock, your door will still be nice and secure with the deadbolt. These locking systems are less susceptible to knives and hand tools and are ideal for those who live in risky neighbourhoods.

Have At Least One Locking Drawer In Each Room

Most modern closets and bedroom accessories are custom-built and usually don’t feature locking closed doors or locking drawers. It is however a good idea to have at least one locking drawer in each bedroom. With this handy drawer, you can secure accessories like passports, visas, and other valuables that you just don’t want lying around in the house.

Consider A Master Key System

Master key systems are extremely convenient. With this system, you only need one single key but can open all the door locks in your home. It is a very convenient system that keeps your key chain light. It is also much easier to hide away a single key or to carry it with you in a wallet.

Create A Spare Set Of Keys

It is pretty easy to misplace your keys or to forget them at work or at the homes of friends and family. A set of spare keys can be very helpful in these scenarios because you still have a way to get into your house even if it is the middle of the night. It is also a good idea to ensure that each older family member has a spare key so they can get in and out if they happen to arrive home earlier or later than usual.

Secure Your Gates

A simple padlock isn’t a suitable security system at all. These locks are just too easy to cut and toss away. Your yard also has plenty of valuables in the form of garden features, plants, bicycles, vehicles, and more. These items should be secured with a proper gate lock.

If you want to upgrade your home security then the first thing you should do is give Smight Lock a call. These specialists can upgrade your door and gate locks or they can assist you with any lock issue you might encounter.