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How to Get Safer Locks for Your Doors

Mar 29, 2021

In most home burglaries, criminals gain access to your home through your doors. Older locks are no longer good enough to protect your home. There are just too many people who know how to pick a lock and lots of burglars can easily overpower an average quality door lock by simply using a crowbar.

 Getting the right locks for your home doors can make a huge difference in your overall comfort. The right door locks can help reduce the chances of getting a burglary. If you are tired of tossing and turning in your bed while worrying that someone might break an entry then you should get to work on getting safer locks. 

 In this handy guide, we are going to share a few tips to help you enhance your door safety.

Replace Old Locks with More Secure Ones

If your door already has a solid core but isn’t made of the toughest materials then you can simply get a replacement lock. Older lock designs are easier to pick compared to modern locks with their more complex design. When you get your door locks replaced, you are also guaranteed that no previous tenants or homeowners have a key for your home. 

 Get an Additional Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks don’t have an exterior lock on the outside of the door. They can only be unlocked from the inside. While you can’t use your deadbolt lock to lock your home up when you leave, you can keep it firmly locked at night when you are fast asleep. It is good to get a deadbolt lock in addition to your normal lock for all doors that have an exterior facing. Even if someone does pick the main lock, the deadbolt lock will still be firmly in place.

Consider Replacing Your Door with a Solid-Core Door

Even the best and toughest locks won’t help you much if you have a door that can easily break off around the lock. To find out whether your door is solid wood, you can give it a knock. If it is sound hollow or has an echo then it likely has nothing on the inside and can result in a very weak fit around the lock. For these doors, it might be better to replace the entire door with something solid that already has a good quality lock.

 Install Large Peepholes

Criminals who can’t pick locks might try knocking and will then force their way in when you unlock the door. One of the best ways to enhance your home safety is by getting peepholes next to or in your front door. With wide-angle peepholes, you can check who is at the door before unlocking it. You can also see if the person is alone and you can spot tools that might be used to cause harm.

 Get Lights for Your Front and Back Doors

Good lighting is very important at your entry and exit points. A porch light at every entryway can be very handy for detecting criminals who might be lurking in your doorway. Lights with auto detectors are the best for these spots because they will automatically switch on when the motion sensor picks up movement. You will know to be extra careful if that light suddenly switches on.

 To get new door locks installed as well as other security solutions, you should only use a reputable locksmith like emergency locksmith melbourne in Melbourne. With professionals, you are guaranteed to get good quality work, the best quality products, and your home stays safe because the people who work on your home are all trusted individuals.