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6 Home-Security New Year’s Resolution Ideas from Locksmiths

Dec 22, 2020

2020 is finally gone and everyone is feeling more positive about the start of a fresh new year. Every start of a year is a great time to reinvent yourself and to set some new goals to help you grow. 

While you are thinking about all the fun things you want to do this year and all the fun goals you want to accomplish, you should also take a moment to consider your safety. Criminals are getting smarter with each passing year and it is always smart to stay one step ahead by keeping up with the latest security concepts. Here are a few New Year’s resolution ideas from locksmiths to help you upgrade the security of your home this year. 

01. Learn To Keep Track Of Your Keys This Year

We all forget things and we all misplace items from time to time. Home and vehicle keys are the items you probably misplace most frequently. Misplacing your keys can be very frustrating because it can sometimes take hours before you finally locate that misplaced key again. 

By this time you could be late for work or an important appointment. Misplacing your keys can also be very dangerous because you might think that it is simply misplaced when your key is in fact in the hands of a robber who is just waiting for you to fall asleep. 

A good way to avoid misplacing your keys is to place them in the same spot every time. Invest in a good quality key holder, hook, or even a dish, and make a habit of always placing your key in that exact spot when you are finished using it. After just a few days, you will start doing this in your subconscious and you will never lose your keys again. 

02. Get Some Spare Keys Cut

Surprisingly few people do have a spare set of keys for all the doors in their home. Making a spare key is a good backup to help you out if you lose your keys. It is also much better to have a spare key that you can give family or friends than it is to hide your key away in the garden where intruders might find it.

 03. Upgrade Your Home Locks

Take a look at the locks in your home. Are they very old? Old locks are usually very easy to pick. It is always good to upgrade your home locks every couple of years and to invest in locking systems that are tougher to pick. we offer car key cutting melbourne service

04. Change Your Locks Every Time You Relocate

It is very important to change all the locks on your home whenever you move into a new house or apartment. It is impossible to know just how many spare keys a previous homeowner might have made. Someone else might still have a spare key to your home and could very well get into your home without you realizing it. 

05. Change Your Locks When You Lose A Key

It is also important to get your door locks changed if you happen to lose a key or if your handbag with keys gets stolen. Changing your locks will keep you safe from a burglar who might have targeted you earlier and might have gotten hands-on with your keys.

06. Keep a Locksmiths Number Handy

It is also very important to keep the number of 24 hour locksmith melbourne saved on your phone. Emergencies happen all the time. You never know when you might accidentally lock yourself out of your car or when a key will snap off in the lock. Locksmiths are ideal for helping you out in these emergencies so you can stay safe at all times.